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A 50% deposit must be made within 14 days of the booking. You can pay by credit card or send a check.

Check Payment Made To:

Retriever Lodge 

P.O. Box 552

De Witt, AR 72042


Book A Hunt + Lodging

 $650 Per Day

Includes: Lodging, Hunt, Guide, Transportation to and from the blind, Full course meals, Internet, Pool and poker tables, Free Liquor, T.V., & FREE FISHING

Free Fishing With The Lodging:

Only with Lodging

Access to a 30 acre pond filled with trophy bass, massive crappie , and a ton of catfish. We provide Rods and Reels, lures, and live baits.


Book A Hunt:


Includes: Transportation to and from the blind, guide, and the hunt.

We can arrange for Goose hunts in the evening with other Outfitters. Please contact Steven Lepine by calling (870-830-3185) or email him at also contact RJ Grisham (870-830-8653)

Prices: News & Updates
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